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2014 February 26

Email Forwarding

By Support

We are currently experiencing an issue where email sent to some email forwarders is being returned to sender.

Our Email Forwarding IP address is currently listed on the following email Blacklists:

Our email administrators have been notified of this and are working to resolve the problem. We will update this post with more information as it is available.

UPDATE – March 11 – The forwarding IP has now been de-listed from the RBL BACKSCATTERER. We will continue to update this post until the SORBS listing is also removed.

2013 December 17

Email Services

By Support

We are currently investigating issues with our email services. Email administrators are working to get the servers back up and running as normal. Inbound email is being queued.

Update @22:40: Our email administrators are working to mitigate a large DDoS, which is affecting all of our email systems.

Update @1:59: The denial of service attack has now been fully mitigated. Our email administrators will continue to monitor the attack in progress, but are confident that full service is restored.