27th June 2019

Planned Security Maintenance, scheduled 1 year ago

Title: Planned Security Maintenance
Date: Thursday June 27, 2019
Start time: 2 AM BST End time: 6 AM BST
Duration: 10-15 minutes per server

We will be taking the following servers down to perform security maintenance. This should take no longer than 10-15 minutes per server to complete.

cpanel1, cpanel2, cpanel4, cpanel5, cpanel6

cpanel7, cpanel8, cpanel9, cpanel10, cpanel11, cpanel12

Update @ Thu 27 Jun 05:50:56 BST 2019: The maintenance on these servers has been completed.

Due to unforeseen issues, maintenance on the following servers is being rescheduled:

cpanel3, cpanel13, cpanel14, cpanel15, cpanel16, cpanel17

cpanel18, cpanel19, cpanel20, cpanel21, cpanel22, cpanel23

cpanel24, cpanel25, cpanel26, cpanel27, cpanel28, cpanel29

aphrodite, apollo, ares, artemis

athena, atlas, chronos, demeter

dionysus, eos, gaia, hephaestus

hera, hermes

atl-cpanel1, lon-cpanel2, lon-cpanel3, lon-cpanel4